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Featured Resources
GOLD Could Be On the Rise
Charles Schaap
Gold is a closely watched commodity because it is associated with interest rates and devaluation of the dollar. When interest rates rise, the price of gold rises, so gold is often used as a hedge against inflation. When the value of the dollar falls, the price of gold will rise, so gold is seen as a safe haven in a falling dollar. . . . keep reading

Follow Intraday Market Breadth
Charles Schaap
Market breadth is a valuable tool for assessing intraday market direction. Market breadth (TradeStation Symbol: $ADD) measures the difference between NYSE advancing issues and declining issues. If there are more advancers than decliners, the breadth will have a positive number. If there are more decliners than advancers, then breath will be negative . . . keep reading

Watch for 50/50 Gap Risers
Charles Schaap
Sometimes when we are tracking a stock to buy, it gaps up before we get a buy signal. This can leave us a bit frustrated. Fortunately, many stocks that gap up do not take off right away. Instead, they pullback to test support, providing us with an opportunity to enter. These stocks often get ignored because traders think they missed the gap play. . . . keep reading

Look for Primary Base Breakouts
Charles Schaap
A primary base is the "first" consolidation pattern that leads to the beginning of a new trend. Primary base breakouts often occur in new, "hot" stocks with a new product or service that hits the marketplace. . . . keep reading

Three Stock Picks
Charles Schaap
I recently lectured at the International Trader's Expo (New York) on trading Power Trends in stocks. In my first presentation, I gave 3 stock picks to the audience, and I explained my reason for believing the 3 stocks had further upside. . . . keep reading

Emini Trading with the 50/50 Strategy
Charles Schaap
The 50/50 Strategy is primarily used for trend trading, and it can be used on any trading instrument (stocks, futures, Forex) and in any timeframe. . . . keep reading

Use Moving Averages for Sell Signals
Charles Schaap
Moving averages can be very helpful for providing sell signals in an uptrend. . . . keep reading

Use Relative Strength to Beat the Street
Charles Schaap
The "Relative Strength" (RS) indicator (not to be confused with the" Relative Strength Index" indicator) allows a trader to compare the performance of a stock to the performance of the general market. The indicator generally uses the S&P 500 index for comparison. . . . keep reading

How to Take Profits as a Stock Rises
Charles Schaap
Trade management is the key to banking consistent profits, and EPAM Systems (EPAM) provides a good example. Following the ProTrend (50/50) Strategy, the stock was listed as a ProSelect stock on the 6h of June (1), and it triggered a buy signal on the 9th of June (2). . . . keep reading

FOREX Signals with DMI
Charles Schaap
Traders often pay more attention to ADX than DMI. ADX measures trend strength and is great for highlighting areas of low volatility that may led to breakouts. The two DMI lines (+DMI, -DMI) tend to attract less attention, even though ADX is derived from them. . . . keep reading

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